Online UFC Betting Guide

I can not emphasize enough the importance of respecting the odds. The chances of the UFC are very early and bettors often have weeks or months to bet on big fights. At this point, the odds change based on the number of shares a bookmaker receives. A fighter can “open” as a favourite of -110, but at the beginning of the fight, he can become a favourite of -200.

If you do not understand the -110 odds, that means you have to bet $ 11 to win $ 10, while the odds of -200 are the same as the odds that the bettor should bet $ 20 to win $ 10. The betting bettor in the previous example at -110. It is much more profitable in the long term, whether the fighter wins or not.

One of the most important elements of a successful MMA bet is having the best chance of success. There are many online odds comparison tools that I can also use to try to find the best betting bookies and odds.

Understand the History of the Fighters.

The innumerable punters of the UFC have no idea what they are doing and simply bet on the big names of the promotion promoted over the years. The problem with this strategy is that most of the UFC veterans have already reached their peak and are not winning constantly because they have also used it.

Several sites list all combat and combat records. You can see when and where the wrestler recently fought, and this type of information will allow even the most casual fanatics to know how fighters have behaved recently. The recent form is huge in MMA and if your fighter is not in shape, you should switch to better bets.

When you look at the history of the fighters, you should also see how they win/lose most of their fights. Do they always win by decision or can the wrestler win most of their fight for detention? Is the fighter still KO or is he under control? You must answer these types of questions before placing a bet on a UFC fighter.

Do not be afraid of the Parlay.

In most sports, you will read that you should not bet together. This is the right strategy for sports at the point of extension, but not for MMA. Parlays are your best friend in MMA because it allows you to bet on the big favourites without risking a lot of juice. The favourites often lose, but lose a round of the table due to a few favourites much less than losing a direct bet with a big favourite.

I never advise betting directly on fighters when the odds are higher than -250 in MMA. If the odds are above -250, you must find another strong favourite that likes to talk to your initial selection. This will increase the probability of payment and reduce the amount of juice you need to risk in your bet.

What I do not recommend is to bet on parlays and nothing else. If you have a selection of losers that you like, be careful not to share them. Always bet on the losers you love directly. Winning 1 to 2 of your weakest selections could be a good night’s odds, but it’s obvious that a parlay would not win.

Understand other types of MMA bets

I know you want to learn how to choose a fighter to bet on MMA, but sometimes you have to look for other profitable bets. It is popular to bet for the duration of a fight, but I prefer to bet on wrestlers to win by TKO / KO or by submission.

If I know that a fighter will try to control his opponent and is capable of doing so, I will bet on the fighter to win by sending more opportunities to get money. The odds will be much higher than if you bet the wrestler to win directly. There is more risk because the only way to win the bet is if the wrestler wins by the method you choose, but the chances of payment are worth it in the long term.